Monday, 31 October 2011

On the workbench

Hi Gents,

Sorry I have been slow with posting lately, uni is mostly to blame, however I also just purchased a new PC so I can play Battlefield 3 which will probably consume all my free time for the next few weeks :)

That said, I have made some progress which I can show. First off, my Gewalthut has grown somewhat with the addition of some armoured pikemen for the front ranks. The full unit will be 30 men, so I am now just shy of half way. I normally paint eyes on my figures (for my 40k armies) to add some character, but the sheer number of troops to churn through here means that I probably wont get around to it.

Also, my Swiss will be making use of some of the spoils of Grandson in the form of a captured Burgundian field piece. Those familiar with the Perry model will notice I have done a couple of head swaps for a more 'Swiss feel'. I secured all the figures to the base before basecoating, however the gun itself is still loose, so it doesnt get in the way of my brush.

Also some early WIP on the banner of Uri, which I think is going to be quite an enjoyable challenge. There is alot of fine line work I need to do. I actually used the pencil shown to draw the outline of the design before i started painting. The banner bearer is the breast-plated fellow in the image above who only has one arm.