Monday, 26 September 2011

Gewalthut - WIP

The Gewalthut is starting to take shape (slowly, due to uni), I am heading for a full strength of 30 models. These are Perry metals with the exception of the musician, with a bit of surgery done to add some Swiss heads to the mix (which resulted in many blunted scalpel blades). This unit will be showing the banners of Uri and Schwyz, as well as the Confederacy banner.

I am a bit concerned that there will be a lack of visual congruence between this unit and the Vorhut, due to the uniforms, headgear and thickness of the pikes. I will throw some armoured figures into the front two ranks to try to even things up a little, and I may swap out some of the models from my Vorhut for ones with metal Swiss heads. As for the pikes, there is not much I can do about that for now.

Also, for the amusment of those hobbyists who keep their work areas in good order, here is a shot of my own little work-station. Time for a clean up methinks...


  1. Cool start, and that mess made mine look clean prior to packing for my move.

  2. These look brilliant - that hornblower especially has turned out great!

  3. Very nice paintwork on the figures, great looking unit coming along. Fantastic conversion for the Uri hornblower - can i ask which Perry plastic head and body he's based on?

  4. Thanks gents,

    Simon: The WR20 sprue doesnt have numbering I just noticed, so Ill describe the positions on the sprue as best I can.

    The body, on the side of the sprue adjacent to the pike arm with the square quilting and chains. Middle of the 5 bodies.

    The head is on the other side of the sprue, also in the middle. It has a sort of soft felt or leather cap.

    Heres a pic:

  5. Looking good Rob, the musician has a really fantasy quality to him that I normally wouldn't associate with historical miniatures. Its a good thing though because I think it adds alot of interest to the unit, not that they will be over looked with your painting ;)