Monday, 26 September 2011

Gewalthut - WIP

The Gewalthut is starting to take shape (slowly, due to uni), I am heading for a full strength of 30 models. These are Perry metals with the exception of the musician, with a bit of surgery done to add some Swiss heads to the mix (which resulted in many blunted scalpel blades). This unit will be showing the banners of Uri and Schwyz, as well as the Confederacy banner.

I am a bit concerned that there will be a lack of visual congruence between this unit and the Vorhut, due to the uniforms, headgear and thickness of the pikes. I will throw some armoured figures into the front two ranks to try to even things up a little, and I may swap out some of the models from my Vorhut for ones with metal Swiss heads. As for the pikes, there is not much I can do about that for now.

Also, for the amusment of those hobbyists who keep their work areas in good order, here is a shot of my own little work-station. Time for a clean up methinks...

Monday, 12 September 2011

Uri hornblower - WIP

Just a small update here; I must admit I am very pleased with how my conversion for a Uri musician is coming along. A few manufacturers make one in metal, but they are all older sculpts with very heavy features (chunky hands and faces) so I decided to make my own. Just need to get the spear head attached and he will be getting basecoated with the next batch of pikemen.

For those wondering why he has horns on his head, this is the regalia frequently depicted for the musicians of the forest canton Uri. The image I based the conversion on is circled below.

Also visible in the background are some of my first metal pikemen, again Perrys. I am now re-discovering how much I dislike painting metals in comparison to plastics!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Swiss Pikemen - Vorhut

After a busy time with exams I have finished off my first block of 30 pike that will make of the Vorhut (van) of my force. The second banner is from the Canton of Lucerne, which along with Berne is also an urban Canton. Also shown are a handful of handgunners that will go towards a unit of 12 skirmishers to screen the pikes.

On the way from Perry Miniatures are some pikemen in attacking poses so that I can start assembling my next block of 30 pike for the Gewalthut (centre), as well as some Swiss heads to add some variety to the plastic troops. I also order a field gun and crew, based on some battle accounts in the Osprey Swiss at War 1300-1500 which describes the Swiss deploying a number of field pieces in later battles of the Burgundian Wars (possibly captured from Charles the Bold at Grandson).

I also got my hands on a copy of the armies of Chivalry supplement, so I can put together a list. If any WAB players have advice or tips on fielding the Swiss I would appreciate it.