Monday, 8 August 2011

Swiss Pikemen

My first batch of Perry Mercenaries turned up and I got straight into them. Others have gone into detail about the outstanding qualities of this kit, so I will simply say that it is awesome (like all Perry plastics) and very reasonably priced into the bargain. I settled on Swiss as my army having read into the period a little, they won some spectacular upset victories against Burgundy and the Austrians by their use of disciplined blocks of pikemen. This choice will allow me to build the bulk of my army in plastic, though i will throw in some metals pikemen in more aggressive stances as the army progresses.

I used a 20x20mm basing system suitable for both Warhammer Ancients and Clash of Empires. I went for a mix of troops in the colours of their canton (Berne), and those who are wearing the plainer colours of their civilian lives.

Here is the banner of the canton of Berne, where this first block of troops hails from. The Swiss usually divided their forces into three large columns of pike, each one made up of troops from two or more cantons. This is great from a modelling perspective as it allows me to use a good mix of colours in each block.