Friday, 22 July 2011

Warhammer Empire

So where to begin? I decided to get a blog going for a number of reasons, one as a way to draw together all the images I have posted over the years in one location, two becuase I dislike the way Warseer (my usual haunt) have rearranged their project logs section and most importantly; becuase its a great way to stay motivated for projects.

For those of you who have read my project logs, the next few posts will seem a bit familiar, but I want to have something colourful as a placeholder until I can get some new content up.

I have a tendancy to start projects that I never finish becuase I get distracted by something else new and shiny, many of the images on this page are from such half finished projects. With this in mind, I wont promise that projects I start will alwasy be finished, but I hopefully the replacement will be just as interesting!

Following below are images of a recent half finished project, my Empire army for GW fantasy.

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  1. Hello!

    Fantastic minis! I was just wondering what kind of halberd you have used on that champion model (fifth pic from the top)? Is it scratch-built or a bit from somewhere?