Friday, 22 July 2011


My current interest is really historical miniatures at the moment. The Perry twins have been releasing some incredible 28mm plastic kits for the Napoleonic and War of the Roses eras: Perry Miniatures. Not only are the sculpts great, but you get around 40 multi-part miniatures in a box, which can be had for around $25 Australian.

I originally started with some Napoleonics as you can see below, but recently I visited B.I.G gaming group in South Brisbane, and I found that there is a growing group of guys playing the War of the Roses (late 15th Century). Given that I have always had an interest in the pike&shot era of warfare I will be picking up some of their Mercenery troops to put together a modest army for the period. Lots of gunpowder will be the order of the day, but I am not sure yet which State I want to model. Burgundy seems to be the default choice, simply becuase there is so much information available for them. But; there are already several excellent Burgundy armies to be found online (and at the club), so I will try to look elsewhere. The Swiss have a fearsome reputation, but did not make extensive use of gunpowder at that stage, nor is it easy to come by colours schemes for them online.

The group at B.I.G have used both Clash of Empires and Warhammer Anceint Battles rulesets, but fortunatly these are relatvily interchangable (ie. the basing is the same), so I can use my army for either.

Here are some of the Napolenic British I painted when the box set was first released:

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