Friday, 22 July 2011

Grey Knights

Here is my first Grey Knights Strike Squad. As much as I hate GW right now, I must admit I am really impressed by the new plastic sets, the Termies in particular. Grey Knights were my first 40k army years ago (which I sold) so its nice to be able to redo them with shiny new models and rules. Ill be working on and off with the Knights alongside a 28mm historical project that I am starting.

As I said previously, I managed to get alot of my GK stuff shipped over from the UK before the embargo. If I can continue to order overseas through friends the army will be finished, but I wont be paying Aussie retail for GW stuff until they bring their prices in line with current exchanges rates (ie. when hell freezes over).

These are more or less straight from the box, however I did convert one thing that really bugged me. The Justicar's hammer was rediculously, even comically, oversized from the box so I trimmed it down a little. This was done by removing a section of the haft to shorter in, and cutting down the head to make it look more balanced. I included a clear image of the more modest hammer below (my Justicar is not trying to compensate for anything).

I should mention the bases are from Dragon-Forge, I am quite happy with them. I did apply some MIG pigments to go for a rust effect but I think I went a bit light on them, they have not shown up well in the photos. I decided to go with an industrial type base becuase I figure the GKs are unlikely to be deployed in a green meadow somewhere, the metal can represent alot of deployment scenarios (ie. space-hulks, refineries, starports and military facilities).

For anyone interested, this is my guide for doing the GK force weapons.

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  1. Impressive Grey Knights, those Dragonforge bases do rather suit them!

    Also, thanks for the force weapon tutorial, I'll have to give that a try on something sometime. :)