Friday, 22 July 2011


My current interest is really historical miniatures at the moment. The Perry twins have been releasing some incredible 28mm plastic kits for the Napoleonic and War of the Roses eras: Perry Miniatures. Not only are the sculpts great, but you get around 40 multi-part miniatures in a box, which can be had for around $25 Australian.

I originally started with some Napoleonics as you can see below, but recently I visited B.I.G gaming group in South Brisbane, and I found that there is a growing group of guys playing the War of the Roses (late 15th Century). Given that I have always had an interest in the pike&shot era of warfare I will be picking up some of their Mercenery troops to put together a modest army for the period. Lots of gunpowder will be the order of the day, but I am not sure yet which State I want to model. Burgundy seems to be the default choice, simply becuase there is so much information available for them. But; there are already several excellent Burgundy armies to be found online (and at the club), so I will try to look elsewhere. The Swiss have a fearsome reputation, but did not make extensive use of gunpowder at that stage, nor is it easy to come by colours schemes for them online.

The group at B.I.G have used both Clash of Empires and Warhammer Anceint Battles rulesets, but fortunatly these are relatvily interchangable (ie. the basing is the same), so I can use my army for either.

Here are some of the Napolenic British I painted when the box set was first released:

Grey Knights

Here is my first Grey Knights Strike Squad. As much as I hate GW right now, I must admit I am really impressed by the new plastic sets, the Termies in particular. Grey Knights were my first 40k army years ago (which I sold) so its nice to be able to redo them with shiny new models and rules. Ill be working on and off with the Knights alongside a 28mm historical project that I am starting.

As I said previously, I managed to get alot of my GK stuff shipped over from the UK before the embargo. If I can continue to order overseas through friends the army will be finished, but I wont be paying Aussie retail for GW stuff until they bring their prices in line with current exchanges rates (ie. when hell freezes over).

These are more or less straight from the box, however I did convert one thing that really bugged me. The Justicar's hammer was rediculously, even comically, oversized from the box so I trimmed it down a little. This was done by removing a section of the haft to shorter in, and cutting down the head to make it look more balanced. I included a clear image of the more modest hammer below (my Justicar is not trying to compensate for anything).

I should mention the bases are from Dragon-Forge, I am quite happy with them. I did apply some MIG pigments to go for a rust effect but I think I went a bit light on them, they have not shown up well in the photos. I decided to go with an industrial type base becuase I figure the GKs are unlikely to be deployed in a green meadow somewhere, the metal can represent alot of deployment scenarios (ie. space-hulks, refineries, starports and military facilities).

For anyone interested, this is my guide for doing the GK force weapons.

40K Armies

Here is a collection of some of my favourite 40K work I have done over the years. 40k was what got my into the wargaming hobby, and while I believe it is now far too expensive to play, I still love the minis and the fluff. One of my current projects is a small force of Grey Knights, which I managed to pick up from Wayland and Maelstrom before the evil GW embargo came into place. I will try to get some images of my first GKSS up in a few days.

These Eldar are from a commission army I did for a friend.

The following images are from my breif foray into Chaos with some Traitor Guardsmen. I sold most of these (with the exception of the Daemon Prince) to a Sydney collector through Tin Soldier, which I hear has gone into liquidation sadly enough.

And last but not least, some of my Ultramarines, another project that I slowly (ever so slowly) chip away at. I would guess I have around 1200pts fully painted, including Calgar and his Honour Guard.

Warhammer Empire

So where to begin? I decided to get a blog going for a number of reasons, one as a way to draw together all the images I have posted over the years in one location, two becuase I dislike the way Warseer (my usual haunt) have rearranged their project logs section and most importantly; becuase its a great way to stay motivated for projects.

For those of you who have read my project logs, the next few posts will seem a bit familiar, but I want to have something colourful as a placeholder until I can get some new content up.

I have a tendancy to start projects that I never finish becuase I get distracted by something else new and shiny, many of the images on this page are from such half finished projects. With this in mind, I wont promise that projects I start will alwasy be finished, but I hopefully the replacement will be just as interesting!

Following below are images of a recent half finished project, my Empire army for GW fantasy.